Fulfillment Shipping and Handling Fees

I am looking forward to a very prosperous year ahead for us all. We work very hard to create high end art from start to finish and I am pleased to have finally produced a price list for the finishing step – fulfillment and shipping.

Though packaging and shipping is our finishing step, it is our customers first impression of their order from you. Over my 30 years as a retail shopkeeper, I was most impressed by my shipments that arrived carefully packaged with clean, new, precisely packaged product. It was these products that I treasured most and promoted most. Rest assured that when I ship your order directly to your client, they will be impressed.

I have described how your artwork will be packaged plus the shipping method. If there are multiple items to be shipped, I will do my best to optimize the shipment within one package. The packaging has it’s costs but it’s a necessary component which I know you can appreciate.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I’m always working and if I don’t respond immediately it’s because I am gazing at the pictures of my newly born Granddaughter, Edie. 

Warm regards, April Tracey Artist and Creative Director Wholesale Artist Giclee